Having a conversation with my little daughter, Diva, is fun and challenging. Her favourite words are quite a few: “okay”, “No way”, “Oh dear”, “Op (open)”, “Hisss (please), “Eyuuu (thank you)”, “egrimm (ice cream)”.

And when she says “Milk”, “drink”, “shoes”, “Boots”, “book” will always be referring to the words.
The complicated words come with an extra effort to understand. “le I go” will refer to her favourite shirt with the frozen’s theme. Yes, she is trying to say “Let it go”..the famous Frozen movie theme song”

However, we have one mysterious situation. That is very challenging. Every morning, she wakes up and finds us in the dining room. And this following conversation will make our day:
“Good morning, Diva…”.
“I don’t know… I don’t know”
“Why do you say ‘you don’t know?’?”

That conversation then becomes our most absurd morning conversation. Every day.

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