Why Everyone Should Study Abroad

This is a nice article on endorsing students to study abroad. it is getting easy now to study abroad. Many scholarships or funding schemes are available. The only question is on yourself. Do you want it or not

Lattes & Lipstick


When I first decided to study abroad my first semester of sophomore year everyone thought I was crazy. The staff at the study abroad office were confused and repeatedly told me I would be the youngest one there, which was fine with me because I was beyond ready to go. Studying abroad truly is an experience that everyone in college should take advantage of because it will change your life.

At first, it was just an opportunity to finally visit London and travel, while still getting college credits (all pass/fail which made life less stressful). I also lucked out because I went to an English speaking country and I didn’t have to worry about taking another language and instead got to take an Intro to Photography course. Even without having to learn a new language it’s a chance to immerse yourself in another culture and learn a different way of life.


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