Criminal Minds

I watched the Criminal Minds last nite, and found this quote…
“‘actually most fairy tales in their original form were gruesome to the extreme. In Cinderella the stepsisters had their feet mutilated to fit in the shoe and her eyes were eventually picked out by doves. Sleeping Beauty was raped while she was unconscious by the King. Hansel and Gretel were held captive by a half blind cannibal. Solders were instructed to cut out Snow White’s liver and lungs, so the Queen could feast upon them” Dr. Spencer Reid (The Criminal Minds, eps. If the Shoe Fits – 2014)

This morning, I read my proposal, and write this…
…then, I find that works from Kramer (2002) and Giroux (2004) reveals Disney’s made those fairy tales are acceptable to the general public as representative of traditional children and family values…

LOL..this is so truly “proposalarius”..

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